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Congratulations to Ameya B. Troop 451's newest Eagle Scout
Saturday afternoon, in the sanctuary at Grace Baptist Church, the weekly meeting place for Boy Scout Troop 451, friends and familiy gathered for Ameya B's Eagle Court of Honor to celebrate his achieving Scouting's highest rank. The ceremony was both cheerful and reverent, two of the tenets of the Scout Law, and featured a wonderful video compiled by Ameya's parents of his scouting career from Cub Scout to Eagle Scout. Only 2% of those who enter Scouting ever attain the rank of Eagle, but Troop 451 is proud to count Ameya as our 7th Eagle Scout this year. Ameya, your friends, family and fellow Troop 451 members are both proud of, and happy for you. Many congratulations to you and your family on this outstanding honor.

Look Your Best, Do Your Best, Be Your Best

I listen to Dr. Charles Stanley on the way to work most days. I have heard in his sermons this phrase – look your best, do your best, be your best. His messages relate this phrase to the Christian life. I was thinking how that same message is what we are striving toward in out scouting troop.

Look Your Best – We expect each scout to be in full scout uniform, to wear their uniform proudly and to take proper care of how they present themselves. The uniform has many aspects. The word uniform is defined as distinctive clothing worn by members of a particular group; not varying; having the same form or manner. We are all part of one team. The symbolism in various parts of the uniform shows the desires of scouting – learning about truth, acquiring knowledge, being lead in the right path to name just a few. Check out the first few pages of the scout manual to see the importance of the uniform.

Do Your Best – This is one of the foundations of scouting. Each time a scout or scouter says the Scou…