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Wrapping Up and Heading Home - Farewell to Camp Geiger and Session Two, 2014

In addition to striking camp and loading our gear onto the truck, the best part of Saturday may be that we learn who has been inducted into Mic-O-Say. The new tribesmen for this session were part of the absolutely largest class of new inductees in the history of the tribe! This year, Troop 451 had a record-setting number of new braves inducted: Jacob Belknap, Alex Brock, Jonathan Byers, Austin Curtis, Tommy D’Arcy, Roshan Dave, Ian Hollenshead, Andrew Jansen, Stephen Lampe, Jay Rawson, Caleb Thakur, Jack Tyson, Bryan Wawczak, and Jace Westfall. We also had six adults inducted as Honorary Warriors: Michael Curtis, David Jansen, Amin Rahman, Darryl Sorensen, Kenneth Thakur, and Michael Wawczak. Congratulations to all the new tribesmen!
The last ceremony of the session is Closing. This is where the week’s achievements are recognized. Here too, Troop 451 was very well represented. Both Misters Rebodos received multiple recognitions for their accomplishments in the Geiger 60 games and Ian…

Friday at Camp Geiger

Tapping Fire

Thursday was a fantastic day for the Tribe of Mic-O-Say and for Troop 451

For many at Camp Geiger, the high point of the week comes Thursday evening with the Tapping Fire. This ceremony is where candidates for membership in the Tribe are publicly announced. The Tribe is the honor camping society of Camp Geiger. Its origins go back to the 1920s, a time when many honor camping societies stressing Native American themes came into being. Most of these were later subsumed within the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s national honor camping society but the tribe continued its independent existence, as did some half-dozen others around the country. All of these have the mission to work within the BSA to improve Scouts and Scouting.

After nearly 90 years of experience, the Tribe knows how to put on a show.

Thursday can seem to drag by as everyone waits for the ceremony to begin. Our day started with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and apple juice, after which all of our boys headed to their specifi…

Hump Day (if this were work or school; at Geiger it just means less time left!)

PeeWee, King of Camp Geiger