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All things change. 
For me, April 1st marked the end of a significant chapter of my life. For the previous four-and-a-half years, I was privileged to have the honor of serving our great Troop 451 as Committee Chair. In that role, I was blessed to work with many dedicated volunteers whose commitment of time and effort, doubtless, exceeded my own.
To mention just a few such great folks, of the many wonderful volunteers who served our Scouts while I was Committee Chair, Shannon Anderson continued to serve as our treasurer for the first half of my tenure and her excellent efforts ensured that the troop maintained the enviable financial foundation she worked so hard to establish earlier. Cynthia Arroyo Richards then stepped up and continued the tradition of professionalism and sound financial management. Stephanie Stapp Tyson took on the role of Advancement Chair before I became Committee Chair and continued that throughout almost all my term, carefully training her replacement before ste…

Enchanted Rock

Saturday, January 19th, I awoke at my usual hour and sometime thereafter I thought to text our Scoutmaster, Steve Kral, with wishes for a safe trip as our troop headed to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area to camp over the long weekend. I mean, if you cannot join them, you can at least wish them well. I sent my wishes for safe travels and mentioned that I was sorry not to be going since Karen would not be home and it was her expected presence that inclined me to forgo the trip.

Just a minute later, Steve called to tell me that there had been a few last-minute cancellations and that if I really wanted to join them, there would be room!

I had a couple of minor errands to accomplish before I left but by 11:00 am, I was ready to leave for Enchanted Rock. Or, so I thought until I remembered that I did not have my mess kit. As it turned out, I spent 20 minutes hunting for that because it was not in its usual place. When I finally did find it, it turned out to be very nearly where it should h…