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Camp Geiger : June 30 : What a beautiful day it turned out to be

Continuing from where I left of this am, things just got better and better. Everyone has retired back into their tents.

Our troop was awarded the "Sharpest Troop" at uniform inspection today. This is a time tested tradition and honor to receive it on day one. Our troop flag will placed in the dinner hall for all meals tomorrow.

Today, at dinner, we got play "Let's Spin to Win", and our young Mr. Ryan Gunning got to play. He made it count, spinning the wheel twice to win 4 Slushee's. Forgot mention, dinner today was "Salisbury Steak" and everyone went for seconds !
Dinner was followed by camp fire. Each of the staff team performed a skit or song and introduced themselves. Hard to believe that the day is over, looking ahead we should have another great day at camp tomorrow.

 As usual lot more pictures are posted at SmugMug for your viewing. (

Camp Geiger - Sunday, June 30 : Here and It feels great

As we left Grace Baptist, it was clear it was going to movie marathon night and it turned out to be one, at least on the leading bus.

We had one refueling stop, it is truly amazing as to how much snack and soda made it into the buses from the Love's at Oklahoma City. Fully energized, Sugared up we continued on
Continuing our tradition of stopping at Platte city McDonald's, we arrived here around 7:30 am. First call of action was to dispense medication, and our team ensured all the Scouts got their Meds before breakfast. The line looked looked so long that we may never finish it. We were not only done fast, looks like most scouts adults took advantage of the extra time to go neighboring QuickTrip for that extra-large Soda ! The pictures at this stop have already already been posted SmugMug.

What a beautiful day it is turning out to be, It is nice, sunny with temperature of 78 degrees with a slight breeze. I remember loading the truck in Flower Mound @ 100+ degrees, compared to t…

Camp Geiger - Friday June 28, 2013

“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.” Sir Robert Baden-PoWell
Today was check-in night, and request was plenty of volunteers to help out so that every Scout/Adult is ready and prepared for a great camp true to Scout Slogan – “Be Prepared”.
Camp Geiger processes keep getting better year over year making it easier and simpler for everyone. This year we had 5 stations and look below to see what they were doing! It is really admirable how everyone is committed to ensure we have a safe and successful camp.
How I wish, I had a magic wand that would some magically load the truck with the foot lockers, camp gear, Mic-O-Say supplies and other stuff in a orderly way. Well I did not have the wand but our volunteers did the magic. Want to relive the magic, just look at the pictures below

It is all packed up, done and ready to go !  Good Luck Hauling the truck to Camp Mr. Koonce and team. See you there on Sunday. 

Looking forward to Saturday when the res…

Camp Geiger Hammerhead Day Number 22

Each year, supporters of Camp Geiger gather to offer a day of service to the camp, performing whatever work needs to be done. This is known as a ‘Hammerhead Day’ and is a tradition stretching back more than two decades. On April 26, this year, adult members of Troop 451 travelled to Missouri to volunteer to prepare a renovated campsite, “Short Arrow”. Ten volunteers (Messrs. Covington, Curtis, DiCiaccio, Goodnight, Hatter, Koonce, Lueking, Martin, Rawson, and Wawczak) gathered at Grace Baptist Church early Friday morning. Once car assignments were settled and gear stowed, three vehicles hit the road for parts north. In the lead was the ‘sachemobile’, with three august occupants, followed by a large SUV and a minivan carrying the lesser mortals.
The progress to Missouri was punctuated by periodic pauses: breakfast at Rudy’s BBQ in Denton, snack, gas, and stretching stops, and lunch along the way. Humor was abundant, including a recurrent reference to the sending of various articles of c…