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Conclave 2016

Any brief expedition from suburban North Texas to rural Northwest Missouri by land must satisfy an old adage: Getting there (and back) should be half the fun. This trip was no exception. The drive up is always amusing from the presence of friends and, sometimes, family members too. We departed from First United Methodist Church of Lewisville shortly after 8:00 AM on New Year's day and arrived in Savannah, Missouri nearly 11 hours later, having stopped for gas, meals, and other urgencies. We members of the Lone Star Dance District joined the youth and adult members of White Shield for a 'lock-in' featuring regalia work and dance practice along with sundry sweet and salty snacks and refreshments. Our accommodations were in the gym and kitchen of the First Baptist Church of Savannah.As part of the dancing, White Shield displayed their modification of a traditional dance to add to its already-unmistakable drama. This included a tall red flagpole sporting a red leather banne…