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2015 Spring Break Camp - Camp Summary

2015 Spring Break Camp Out Dates:  March 7 - March 14, 2015
Camp Sites: Monahans Sandhills State Park : (March 7/8)Big Bend National Park (Chisos Mountains Camp Site) : (March 8/13)Lake Colorado City State Park : (March 13/14) Camp Summary We started on time and reached Monahans State Park by 4 PM. All of us were pleasantly surprised by the size of the sand dunes. Due to a mix up in our reservation, the park officials took extra care of us and also loaned us some sandboards.
Scouts - were on top dunes in no time ..... some even woke up early to get back on them

At Monahans, one our scout members got sick. Randy had to return home, however Kevin decided to rejoin and continue to help with camp. Thank you Kevin.
Mr. Gonzalez drove the Big Red down to Big Bend, while Kevin was taking care of Randy.

And our camp Site ... surrounded by Chisos Mountains -

We setup camp and headed down the "Window Trail".  This is the view of the Window from our camp site. Window TrailDifficulty: