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New Scout Campout, March '10

Scouting is all about the path. Finding it. Following it. And all the things that happen to you along the way. Knowing how important it is to help both new Scouts and new Scout parents find the right path, every spring we hold a special first year camp out.

Mr. McKinley heads up Troop 451's "Trail to First Class" program and while it was certainly a boy-led weekend, he did a tremendous amount of work and planning to make sure our weekend went off without a hitch.

Mr. Brown was the first recruit, working to help all the new Scouts work on their Fireman's Chit and their Totin' Chit. Some of the older Scouts also did a great job helping staff the weekend.

Young Mr. Perry helped some of the younger scouts put up a flagpole which proved to be quite the effort with 30 mph winds blowing. All in all, we had great weather but when the wind causes white caps on the lake, it can make putting a flag up a little difficult.

This weekend was all about meeting new friends, new Sc…