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TODAY'S 451 TOP 25
It's been a big and exhausting 24 hours at Camp Geiger. But fun too. The tapping ceremony was impressive as usual last night and the fire built by our team performed perfectly well into the night. Six boys and eight adults from Troop 451 were tapped for the Tribe of Mic-O-Say and tonight will enter the Tribe in traditional, spectacular fashion. The day has also brought a conclusion to the merit badges and a mad scramble to finish all craft projects, walk the wires at C.O.P.E. one more time, take one last dip in the pool and of course, hang out with everyone. It's hard to believe the week is already over, but as much fun as we've had, everyone will be very excited to head home in the morning. It's been another fantastic trip to Camp Geiger where they always make us feel so welcome and appreciated for coming all the way from Texas. This will be the last post until we get home. Enjoy our last Top 25 from the past day here on the Reservation.

Every year, the craft badges are super popular because they're fun, creative and give scouts a great way to pass the time. We didn't have quite as many scouts taking metal working, basketry, pottery, sculpture and leatherwork as usual, but here are a few shots of those we found being crafty during the week.

Each year we come to summer camp at Geiger, our adult team tackles one or two service projects that need to be completed around camp. We've put in flag poles with decorative rock bases, we've reshingled a roof, painted buildings, built an octagonal pavilion and even installed a shower. But this year, due to the mild winter, a lot of the work was already done by the time we got here. So this year, our group was given the honor of building the fire for Thursday night's Mic-O-Say tapping ceremony. A seriously big job. It took four days to finish the fire, but all the hard work and meticulous planning paid off handsomely last night when our spectacular tapping fire caught quickly and blazed late into the night. This is how that incredible fire was built.