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Saturday night, June 27th
Following in the footsteps of last year’s unprecedented punctuality, almost everyone arrived at First United Methodist Church, Lewisville prior to 9:30 PM. Like last year too, the weather was fairly mild, making standing around outside quite tolerable. There were many final goodbyes said amidst the large crowd of well-wishers as parents prepared to send their sons and spouses off for a week of Scout Camp. For several of our Scouts, this is their first experience of this kind. For many others, of course, the drill is old hat and their veteran status shows.
Loading proceeded smoothly, with the boys loading their lunches into the coolers as they got on board the bus by rank, Eagle Scouts first. Many parents took advantage of the opportunity to get photos of the well-filled transport, replete with Troop 451 red.
Although we expected a fully-packed bus, various unforeseen exigencies meant that a few riders will be going up to Missouri separately. Thus, we have a …