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What a Week We Had! - Thursday Night

Camp Geiger : Saturday July 06 - Going Home

“...For a century, Scouts just like you have served your communities and your nation in ways both large and small. During World War II, Scouts played a vital role in supporting the war effort at home by running messages and selling war bonds....Today, Scouts across the country
continue in the tradition of collecting food for those in need, improving our neighborhoods, and reaching out to those less fortunate....
Congratulations on your first hundred years. I’m sure the next hundred will be even better.” 
President Barack H. Obama at 2010 National scout Jamboree
It is 11:06 and we are out of the camp crossing River Missouri @ St. Joseph. It was 81 degrees, with slight breeze. Looks like rain is headed to Camp Geiger. This my third time here and I truly felt this was the best, we could not have asked for better. Some of senior leaders can answer in Circle Up, if there was better week they remember.

Thank you "God" for such a great week.

We did get the award for "Sharpest Tr…

Camp Geiger - Friday July 05 - Ceremonies Day

We were once again announced as "Best Camp Site" at lunch today, that makes it - 3 of 5 days.

Today our leadership team presented a Plaque made by Mr Rawson to Mr. Tony Sasso, thanking him for all the support the camp provides us. It was later signed by all leaders here.

Unlike our foxmen, who were seen running and working all around camp today, we adults who got tapped had an easier time with service projects and meetings. (Taking foxmen picutres in the camp is not allowed, we did take some when they stopped by for lunch)

At the start the week, merit badges were looking like class rooms, middle of the week they were bustling with activities, today it looked like they were all relaxing. We also had our senior scouts proudly wearing - I survived C.O.PE T-Shirts

Early in the evening, our scouts started closing the camp down. Dinner was outside in tapper valley. The scene resembled a big picnic celebration. Plenty of food, lots of noise, weather was great.

We came back to tent…

Camp Geiger - Friday, July 05 - Foxmen on Run

“We must change boys from a ‘what can I get’ to a ‘what can I give’ attitude.” Robert Baden-Powell

Today, I am in a rush so will try to keep this short and sweet.

Yesterday, We are again voted as the "Sharpest Troop" at Camp. So far - We have been the sharpest troop here every day this was announced so far

I have been here 3 times, yesterday weather for the Tapping Ceremony was perfect. It was not hot, It was nice 70+ degrees with breeze.

Our camp site Entrance has a make over. Mr. Rawson showed our entire camp, how with a little creativity and commitment, you can take a pile of burnt wood and convert them into meaningful use.
From this : 

To This :

The weather continues to be really good ..... and am sure everyone is waiting to see us come back from camp tomorrow. We are looking forward to it too ....
As usual more pictures posted to smugmug this am... take a look.

Camp Geiger - Thursday July 04 - A big day for Tribesmen

I urge you to rededicate yourselves to the ideals of the Scout Oath, and to reaffirm your obligations to your God and to your country. In so doing, you will contribute to the strengthening of America’s heritage and thereby to the realization of our common goals in the Great Society. —Lyndon Baines Johnson

Happy July 4th to everyone from here at camp. It is bright and sunny here. 85 degrees with a slight breeze. Should be a great night. Looks like the tapping fire is completely built and Ready to Go.
I realize this year, I have very few pictures of Mr. Covington. Just wanted to go on the record that - "The fact that he is not in picture is a testimony that he is not over committing to working hard. Mr. Covington continues to be the support the boys with what they need at camp. Not sure how the boys would get by without his support. Before I get into more trouble with him for this picture .. I will end this commentary by simply saying "Thank you" for being here so soon afte…

Camp Geiger - Wednesday July 03 : Family Day Summary

The continued to be great day, I walked into the woods and found birds, bunnies etc. Find below the view of the camp from the river side.
Activity is at a high gear. I got lucky to catch our mountain cyclists going down the hill into tapper valley. It was nice to see all the families join here tonight for dinner. We had so much sugar - Cookies, Brownies sent by family that was shared across the troop 451. Thank you -- to one and all -- you made the day special for everyone here.
It was probably the first time when some of the parents here at camp could spend some time closely with their sons. 
Today was also the first day that we got see our Mic-O-Say tribe members dress fully. It is truly impressive see them in their full costume. 
As usual lot more pictures posted at smugmug related to all of today activities.
Looking forward to a great day tomorrow. Don't forget it is also the Tapping Day and there are many aspirants within the troop... Good Luck to everyone.
Want to experienc…

Camp Geiger, Wednesday July 03 - Family Day Early Post

“I admire the Boy Scouts of America because the BSA has meant finding real solutions to some of the problems plaguing our country and has kept the faith in what America is and must mean to the world. You show that character comes from one small act at a time, caring for each child as if he or she were our own.” George Bush, former President of the United States of America
It just after lunch, so far the day is sunny and bright. We did not have any more rain since the downpour last evening. It is nice 83 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. Today Texas Flag was raised at the camp by some of senior scouts at camp.

As with all good runs, our good run paused today. We were placed second in Camp Site just one point behind Troop 67 (Congratulations on competing hard and getting there).
Per Program Director Aaron Lewis, the winning score was a record breaking score of 113. We still continue to be the standard to over come here at Camp Geiger. Kudo's to Troop 451. In addition we did have a …

Camp Geiger ; Tuesday, July 02 - Sunset Report

Not really sure where to start writing this report so let me begin with the end and track back to where I left off this afternoon.
The sunset was again some thing to watch and enjoy. Wish I was on the river taking this picture, however time, sun and natural wonders wait for no body. It also made me realize there is no bad place in the camp where a good picture cannot be taken. So here is the picture I took right from our camp site

Today's surprise rain, and followed by the gorgeous sunset truly reminds of this quote from Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore, "Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky." Sunset here today truly feels that way. Want to get a feel for the rain we had here today, take a quick look at this video: 

At dinner our team was announced as the "Sharpest Unit". This is three dinners in a row, we were awarded this. Getting this award three days in a row for a troop our size is…

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