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Slippery Falls Scout Ranch Campout, Aug. '09

This weekend we went up to Oklahoma to the Slippery Falls Scout Ranch and enjoyed a hot, sunny August day swimming in a river, a creek, a watering hole, a pool, and a lake - not the mention the time we spent climbing on giant rocks, jumping off boulders and enjoying God's wonder in the sunset over Turtle Rock. As always, the weekend was filled with great fun, great friends, great food, a couple of midnight raccoons and one leech. We can't wait to go back!

SFSR is a huge sprawling piece of property with hundreds of giant rocks, thickets of trees and dusty trails.
Saturday morning breakfast consisted of homemade donuts - or uh, that's what they were supposed to be. What time is lunch?

A 100-ft. footbridge connects the shoreline to Turtle Rock - a huge rock formation that provides the perfect place to look out over the entire lake. As we'd find out later, it also makes a spectacular spot to watch the sunset.

Good thing we saw this sign. DiCiaccio and Tuggle were about to thr…
Congratulations to Mudussir Q.
Troop 451's newest Eagle Scout This afternoon, in front of a standing room only crowd at the National Boy Scout Museum, Mudussir Q. was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank of achievement that can be attained in Scouting. Only 2% of those who enter Scouting ever attain the rank of Eagle. Mudussir, your friends, family and fellow Troop 451 members are both proud of, and thrilled for you. Many congratulations to you and your family on this outstanding honor.

Junior Leader Training, August - 2009

The key to leadership longevity lies in succession. And this weekend, Troop 451 took a great first step toward building the leaders who will be running our troop in the years to come. Thanks to outstanding leadership training put together by Mr. Brown Sr. (Sterling) and executed by Noah B. and his staff, our first and some second year scouts now have a better grasp of "shared leadership," the traits that make a good leader, and why trust and working together are key to running a great troop. Now it's on to Brown Sea - the second stage of leadership training - the weekend of September 11-13. The future of 451 is indeed bright.

Saturday morning, the scouts arrived at Hills & Hollows in Denton excited, but not quite sure what was in store.Packed and ready for whatever the next 36 hours brings our way

First up, the flag raising ceremony...
And the Pledge of Allegiance. Always a wonderful reminder of the importance of Scouting and why we do what we do.Next, get unpacked and…