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A very Good Day!

Saturday, January 28th, 2017
The day began cool and early as Members of Troop 451, the Marcus Football Team, and fellow staffers from Camp Geiger showed up at the Universal Academy in Coppell to assist Alex Adams in completing his Eagle Scout project.  While many, many adults also showed up, this was, as befits an Eagle project, an overwhelmingly boy-led and boy-done effort.

Alex’s project was to build five benches in an outdoor area for the Universal Academy in Coppell. To prepare the site, the boys first raked leaves, swept dirt, and generally tidied it up. The benches were constructed from concrete block and treated 8’ 4 x 4s.
As with any construction project, periods of intense activity, such as hauling the materials from the storage room to the site itself, were followed by stretches of comparative calm. One such occurred when the need for additional concrete was identified. During this interlude, the boys diverted themselves with a football in the parking lot of the Academy. Fo…