Slippery Falls Scout Ranch Campout, Aug. '09

This weekend we went up to Oklahoma to the Slippery Falls Scout Ranch and enjoyed a hot, sunny August day swimming in a river, a creek, a watering hole, a pool, and a lake - not the mention the time we spent climbing on giant rocks, jumping off boulders and enjoying God's wonder in the sunset over Turtle Rock. As always, the weekend was filled with great fun, great friends, great food, a couple of midnight raccoons and one leech. We can't wait to go back!

SFSR is a huge sprawling piece of property with hundreds of giant rocks, thickets of trees and dusty trails.

Saturday morning breakfast consisted of homemade donuts - or uh, that's what they were supposed to be. What time is lunch?

A 100-ft. footbridge connects the shoreline to Turtle Rock - a huge rock formation that provides the perfect place to look out over the entire lake. As we'd find out later, it also makes a spectacular spot to watch the sunset.

Good thing we saw this sign. DiCiaccio and Tuggle were about to throw down some wicked Triple Lindys off the high dive!

On the way to the lake, we ran across this family of deer. We had seen some tracks earlier, but they were nothing compared to the real thing.

Heading to Slippery Falls for a little splash time in the river.

Andrew L. cooling his heels upstream in the cool river water.

O.K. Who's up for a water massage?

After the river, we headed over to "Little Niagara" at the Chickasau National Recreation Area where we shared the afternoon with a fascinating cross section of America. By the way, that water is about 68 degrees and yes, it will take your breath away.

Bombs away!

Ellis C. found a beautiful spot down river but yes, the water was still cold.

After "Little Niagara," it was off to another pooled section of the river where the boys spend more than an hour jumping off of 12 foot boulders into the water below. You forgot how much fun rocks and water can be.

Is that Tristan G. or Spider-Man?

Will M. takes the plunge!

Troop 451 finishes off an awesome day of swimming with a little after dinner swim in the lake.

At sunset on Turtle Rock, the "Scoutmaster Minute" takes on a whole new meaning.

As the sun sets over the lake, there is no question that God in all His wonder is most assuredly in this place.

Morning brings one more chance to climb the rocks next to our campsite.

And for breakfast? Some fantastic pancakes made with fresh blueberries and bananas. Now for the record, the cooks took a lot of grief over the "fruity pancakes." However, if one is to peruse the Official Boy Scout Handbook, Eleventh Edition, published in 2005, you will eventually come to Chapter 10, page 268, paragraphs one and two under the heading of "Pancakes," which state - "Flapjacks are a favorite treat on mornings when you aren't in a hurry to break camp. They are best cooked in a heavy frying pan or on a griddle. Follow the instructions on a box of pancake mix. For variety, add fresh berries, chopped fruit, or nuts to the batter."
Next campout, we're making a Quiche!


  1. I must say that Slippery Falls campout looked fantastic! Very glad that the boys (and adults) had fun. I am definitely attending next time. Zeff


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