Family Campout, Oct. '09

Even though this weekend was cold and rainy, there was plenty of warmth and fun to be had at our annual Fall Family Campout - this year at Camp T'Sungani on Lake Lewisville. It was great to have "whole families" camping together and the facilities at the Town North Y were great for camping.

Everyone met up Friday night about 7 p.m. and started setting up camp. The Evans were some of the first to arrive and proved to be lifesavers loaning their extra tent to another family who found themselves in need of one.
The camping area at Camp T'sungani is a mixture of the kind of woods boys can get lost playing in for days.

There are also a bunch of open spaces overlooking Lake Lewisville including this stunning point, as well as an inviting dock for swimming and canoeing in the warmer months.

One of the neatest features of the campsite is the little chapel built into the side of the hill up in the woods. It's quite a reverent, serene place during the day, but on Saturday night, it was transformed with fire and color into a spectacular setting for Trent P's Eagle Court of Honor.

Even though it was chilly, we had all kinds of fun.

The McClellans did a little offroading with their gas powered remote controlled cars on a long bumpy stretch of road that proved the perfect drag strip.

Meanwhile, Team Williams played a little football in the adjacent meadow.

Just inside the camp gates, Mrs. Pederson set up the Archery range, much to delight of parents and kids alike, and helped guide bows and arrows for most of the afternoon.

In addition to the Archery range, Mr. Perry and Mr. McClellan set up two stations to throw Tomahawks. It quickly became the hot spot to visit and throughout the afternoon we learned three very important things: 1) throwing Hawks isn't as easy as it looks, 2) it takes a lot of finesse and technique to consistently stick the hawks in the targets, and 3) Mr. DiCiaccio needs to be really nice to Mrs. DiCiaccio because she's really, really good at throwing Tomahawks.

Even the "future Scouts" found plenty of fun - this time in the wonder of a big stick!

While most spent Saturday afternoon playing, many of the Scouts took some time out to help prepare for Trent's Eagle Court of Honor ceremony in the Chapel.

Others helped line the path from the pavilion to the Chapel with luminarios that were stunning when lit.

After so much time and work, Trent found a moment to catch his breath and think about his last few hours as a Life Scout.
Back at the pavilion, the rest of the troop was also thinking of Trent's journey to Eagle, but they were all starting at the beginning.

Always so cool to see a sash filled with Merit Badges and so fun to look and see which ones have been earned.

Brad L., a fellow Eagle, provided a dramatic soundtrack for the Ceremony.

Ethan B., the Troop's most recent Eagle Scout, also played a huge role in Trent's ceremony in full Mic-O-Say costume and paint.

Mr. Quraishi was proud to preside over the impressive Eagle Court of Honor as Master of Ceremonies.

Mr. Goodnight and Mr. Lueking, two of Trent's longest tenured leaders, served as Chieftains over the ceremony.

Finally, the moment arrived when Scoutmaster, and more importantly, proud Papa, Scott Perry awarded Trent with his Eagle along with a certificate signed by Chief Scout Executive Robert Mazzuca and the President of the United States.


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