Shooting Campout, Dec. '09

This December brought another excellent chance to earn the coveted Polar Bear patch for sleeping outside when the temperature is below freezing and as expected, Troop 451 didn't back down from the challenge. On Friday night, a large contingent from 451 made their way to Worth Ranch for a weekend of shotgun and rifle shooting, and of course, great food and fun fellowship.

Needless to say, the mornings were a little chilly, but ever prepared, the Scouts found excellent ways to keep warm.

Mr. Kay fed us way too well and really spoiled us with a fantastic gumbo on Saturday night. One more weekend like this and he may have to elect him permanent grubmaster!

After a little Saturday breakfast, it was off the shotgun range where Mr. Whitten and Mr. Arnett did an awesome job teaching the boys about gun safety, gun etiquette and the proper way to handle a shotgun.

Each of the boys got to shoot at the bright orange pidgeons flying everywhere (thanks to our very popular hand launcher)

8 of the boys were good enough shots to satisfy their shooting requirement for the Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge - hitting at least 24 out of 50 clays thrown. Congrats to Matt B., Jacob P., Noah B., Robby B., Tristan G., Muhsin Q., James K. and Michael M. for some darn good shooting!

If you haven't been to Worth Ranch, it's a beautiful piece of property with all kinds of terrain - hills, hollows, peaks, valleys - it's pretty spectacular from the top of the rocks on the path back to camp. After a fun Saturday night playing "Werewolf," we woke up to a Sunday morning so cold even the bacon was hard!

Normally, we pack up and head home pretty early on Sunday but at Worth, we had the rifle range all to ourselves and took full advantage of it. Each of the boys got to shoot for at least 20 minutes and there was some pretty impressive shooting on display.

Nice shooting guys!


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