Greenbar Fall Planning Campout

The Greenbar Patrol spent another great weekend at Sid Richardson over Halloween planning the next six months for the troop and helping scare those who dared buy a ticket to Sid's Haunted Hayride. Senior Patrol Leader Brown, SPL-elect Koonce and their staff did an excellent job and all present offered great input and worked hard to improve their leadership skills. On Sunday, a number of Scouts did their "daily good turn" helping the camp staff take down a significant number of the hayride "scaring stations" and after an ice-cold IBC root beer to cool down, we all headed back to Dallas.

Always a good trip to Sid Richardson Scout Ranch.
Senior Patrol Leader Brown pondering all he wants to accomplish during the weekend.

Not a bad place to find a little inspiration.

SPL-elect Koonce listens as the boys offer their suggestions for new campouts and new troop activities.

Mr. Bach works with troop Quartermasters Hix and DiCiaccio on keeping the chuckboxes clean and properly stocked.

What's Halloween weekend without a black cat? This one at least is well fed. After the Scouts left for more planning, a few of us were working in the dining hall and turned around to find the cat standing in the aluminum pan with the uneaten hotdogs having a feast. Interesting cat bites dog moment.

Long day but very productive.

Mr. Dave takes notes as everyone discusses troop strengths, weaknesses and what things we can improve.

The boys had fun dressing up for Halloween. Thanks to Mr. DiCiaccio for bringing lots of great masks and costumes.

Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy... Scout, scout, scout, scout, scout, scout, scout, scout...
This caption writes itself.

Connecting with the afterworld... Very Halloween!

Three of our expert scarers!

We had fun trying to scare people coming through our stations and occasionally, we succeeded.

The spider station was very cool...

thanks to Mr. Erickson and Mr. DiCiaccio who worked the pulley that controlled the giant spider.


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