2015 Spring Break Mid Week Update

First and Foremost, We are safe and sound here in Big Bend. At the camp site, there is no connectivity. Today, found a spot 20 miles away from the camp where connectivity works so am back here writing the post

Our Camp Site

Pictures say much more than any word i can say so adding some pictures

These are some from Monahans Sandhills State Park : Day 1/2

Big Bend - Here we come, Even before we get settled we are on a trail - the window trail

Next in line the tough one - Emory Peak Climb; Thank you Ayrton for some pics as I did not go ! However, I am sure every one has pictures and tales to tell from this visit !!!!

Sightseeing days + Hot springs & hike to village  visit. Everyone enjoyed the the 80 - 90 degrees water in the hot springs

Next hike to the River .... and throwing stones for US to mexico -- long throw contest .. try it from dallas ! ....... well the Scouts did it from here ...

We had one our scouts pursue - Junior Ranger :- " In his words - His Mom and Grand Parents will be very happy ... "

Congratulations Alex Tyson

Finally .. we come to now , more sight seeing on west side of big bend... you can find these pictures at smug mug ...

the link :


I will leave you with this group picture at rio grande gorge

and off course - for everyone wondering - about home works and exams sitting at home .. here is the message from camp !


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