A Stop in the Night

Sunday, June 28th, circa 2:20 AM

A highlight of any Troop 451 trip to Geiger is stopping at a Love’s Truck Stop to load up on junk food and belly wash after tending to more pressing concerns. In truth, the break in the nearly-unvarying experience of a night time bus ride up I-35, is a welcome diversion. Despite a hefty advertising effort on behalf of the various establishments that line the interstate from the Red River to Oklahoma City, it hardly seems to be an “Adventure Road.’ It seems to be rather the opposite, in fact, though the large casino complex with its cheesy imitations of well-known international landmarks is striking, in its kitschy way.

By the time we pulled in to Love’s, almost everyone was asleep (thank Goodness!) but there is something about the change in speed and the sharper curves of an off-ramp that wakens many a sleeping soul. The transformation from semi-inert sleepyheads to the active boys we all know and love was nearly instantaneous.

Our boys were off the bus in good order and waited patiently to make their purchases, many of which would, doubtless, meet with a mother’s approval. Those of us who, for various reasons both silly and sound, did not bring a lunch for Sunday were relieved to find the 24-hour Subway sandwich shop open for business. Given that more than fifty people needed to get off and back on the bus, making purchases in between, this was a fairly rapid stop. Everyone was back on the bus in good time and were resumed our pilgrimage to the Geiger Reservation.


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