A Great Night for Mic-O-Say and Troop 451!!

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Friday night was a great night for Troop 451 and the Tribe of Mic-O-Say!

We gathered on  a pleasantly cool July evening to celebrate the accomplishments of our Troop members.

Our Scouts and Scouters who are actively involved in our Troop and the Tribe of Mic-O-Say earned many important advancements. Briefly, advancements include (listed by rank acheived: name - Tribal name:

New Braves:
Brandt Goodrich – Stands for Man
Ryan Gunning – Open Prairie
Ayrton Harried – Spirit Bow
Nick Harris – Crazy Talk
Samir Rahman – Little Man Called Wolf
Jacob Samson – Little Borrowed Image
Thomas Sorensen – Little Red Coyote
Alex Tyson – Stands by Fire

New Honorary Warriors:
Kevin Bryant – Big Coyote Mandan
Dennis Goodrich – Big Stands for Man
Jessica Harris – Ina Crazy Talk
Jay Turner – Big Swift Turn
Hitesh Dave - Big Iron Fights

Braves to Warriors:
Alex Brock – Trade Soldier
Austin Curtis – Heart of Honor
Ian Hollenshead – Little Diving Eye
Stephen Lampe – Little Leads with Arrow
Jay Jay Rawson – Little Spirit Paint
Jack Tyson – Takes Many Feathers
Jace Westfall – Makes the Star

Warriors to Fire Builders:
Alex Adams – Speaks with Man
Cameron Breding – Stone Fort
Ben Bryant – Coyote Mandan
Drew Gonzalez – Little War Flight
Josh Hatter – Black Medicine
Brady Jones – Red Sun Trail
Neetin Khadka – Sacred Mask
Chad Kral – Little Village Blade

Tom Tom Beaters to Runners:
Ellis Covington – Little Iron Wheel
Kaleb DiCiaccio – Little Three Lakes
Wes Williams – Little Proud Flight

White Coup of Service:
Steve Kral – Village Blade
Rusty Miller – Lost Light
Sachem to Medicine Man:
Gary Lueking – Big Spirit Mist

Congratulations to all our Troop 451 Mic-O-Say tribesmen!!

A note on Tribal names: You may have surmised that there is typically a convention to the way these names are given. The first member of a family is given a name based on some distinguishing characteristic or experience. For example, let’s say a Scout is inducted into the Tribe and given the name “Rabbit Bear.” Then, perhaps, his younger brother is inducted ina later year. That Scout would be called Little Rabbit Bear. If their father were next inducted, he would be Big Rabbit Bear. Their mother might be inducted as Ina (mother of) Rabbit Bear. A younger brother still would be Least Rabbit Bear. When a parent is inducted before a son, it is they who receive the unmodified base-name. The first son inducted then becomes “Little”, while a second would be “Least.” It can get very interesting (and a bit confusing) when a grandson is inducted.

While the convention is not absolute, most names bestowed by the Tribe of Mic-O-Say follow these patterns.

After the induction ceremonies, we returned to our campsite, Sioux Lookout, for a bite of pizza and a good night's sleep!


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