Camp Geiger, July 8th 1:20pm

This is the new COPE tower at Camp Geiger. COPE stands for Challenging Outdoor Physical Exercise and consists of many high wire activities. You can challenge yourself to walk across cables, climb giant rope ladders, climb the rock climbing wall or take a ride on the zip line. COPE is for older scouts only, although on occasion the have open rappelling and zip lining.

Here's Tristan Goodnight taking off down the zip line.
Also, all over camp scouts are finishing up merit badges. There will be some opportunity to finish some things tomorrow, but everyone tries to get finished up today, as some scouts will be tapped, and they will have different things to do. So they're getting that final paperwork done to complete their merit badge...

...or finishing up that last project. Non merit badge activities are reaching a climax today too, as competitions in the buckskin games heat up. While those are going on, Marvin, a fixture at Camp Geiger, who is the tomahawk king, regales the boys with stories and shows them his collection of ornamental tomahawks.

We're hours away from the tapping fire and the staff has been very complimentary of the job our adults and firebuilders have done on the tapping fire. They tell us it's the biggest one this session and may be the biggest one in years! Here is what we can see of the final product (with the tarp still on to protect it from rain.)

It stand at nearly 16 feet and is 8 feet by 8 feet at the base.
A few things I forgot to mention this morning, we have two tents to win the cleanest tent award again and the winners are...(drumroll)

Ethan Brown and Joseph Martin....and....

...Matthew Perez and Trey Stevens. They all get to enjoy a free slushie each, courtesy of Mr. Koonce and Mr. DiCiaccio.
If you are interested in a sample of what the fireworks looked like last night, Mr. Kunamneni has provided a link to facebook to see a little video of the show. Go to
Here are a couple of more "hi, mom" videos.
Lunch - Bean burritos, Spanish rice, and snickerdoodle cookies for dessert.
Weather - as of 1:30 - Mostly Cloudy, 77 degrees and less humid.


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