Camp Geiger June 24th 7:40am

"Wild night, is calling..." - Van Morrison

An absolutely perfect night for the tapping ceremony last night. Temps were about 78 degrees at the time the ceremony started and steadily went down through the night. The sky was clear, and that's really saying something, because a clear sky here at Camp Geiger gives you a star show like you don't see in DFW. On a super clear night, with all the lights out in camp, you can see the Milky Way.

The Tapping ceremony went off perfectly. The scouts and scouters who were not in the tribe, formed a single file line and were led by a tribal chief on a hike through the camp to what is called the "story fire." When they came out of the woods from that fire, they were led to the giant tapping fire.

The saw the fire as they emerged from the woods and they saw the braves and warriors dancing around it. Then the members of the tribe came down a great hill to form two lines. The braves and warriors run through these lines and eventually fill them in at the end for the scouts and scouters to walk through. It is there that they form a giant circle around the fire and wait for the tapper to emerge. The tapper runs down the hill when the circle is complete with a torch in one hand and a tomahawk , runs around the circle sizing up the potential candidates. He pauses in front of some and moves on. Others however he looks them up and down, deems them worthy, and taps them twice on the chest with his tomahawk. Those who are tapped begin a night of adventure, and start their journey to become a member of the tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Now, what you've been waiting to hear. Scouts who were tapped in as candidates for the tribe of Mic-O-Say are:
Ellis C., Kaleb D., Kelby E., Riley H., Andre K., Justin K., Shelby M., Anthony M., Matthew P., Jack P., Jonathan P., Trey S., Matthew T., Justin W., Wes W.

Adults who were tapped were: Chad Faust, Lee Rebodos

Today they continue on their journey to become members of the tribe of Mic-O-Say. Tonight is the night when they find out if they are in.

Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy, Yogurt, Cereal.

Weather: Mostly Clear, 67 degrees


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