Camp Geiger June 23rd 2:40pm

"I want it all, and I want it now..." - Queen

What you are looking at is very important to all the scouts here at Camp Gieger. These are the claws that a member of the tribe of Mic-O-Say wears. There are different types, with different paints, and that hang differently. They bascially distinguish what status you hold in the tribe. You may have seen some of the boys and adult leaders wearing them at the meetings back at home, and if you've wondered exactly what they were, now you have an idea. Mic-O-Say has been around since 1935 and is an honor camping society for the Pony Express Council. In this region of the country they are very well recognized and respected. Each young scout that comes here to Geiger really does get inspired to become a member of the tribe. Many are also inspired to continue scouting well into high school, and involved in the tribe beyond that.

This is the tapping fire where the ceremony will be held to induct new members of the tribe. It's about 16 feet tall, and the members of the tribe, families and others will gather to dance around the fire, then have all the candidates form a circle around it, for the Tapper to enter. The Tapper will select who are worthy candidates to be inducted into the tribe.

What a great afternoon here at Camp Geiger. The weather has been picture perfect and all the boys are finishing up their work for the week.

A Scout is Courteous

The boys are not the only ones who've worked hard all week. Generally the adults pitch in for a major service project every year. We do this for the incredible hospitality we are shown here in camp. We've built decks, shotgun ranges, fences, put up flagpoles, and we always contribute in the mundane every day ways too.

Soon we'll gather for dinner and then the big night tonight, the Tapping Ceremony.

Lunch: Ham and Cheese sandwiches, pasta salad, cake.

Weather: Mostly Sunny 77 degrees, breezy.


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