PeeWee, King of Camp Geiger

After lunch today, it was announced that once again, Troop 451 was the top scoring unit for the campsite inspection. Once again, our flag will adorn the flag plaza on Wednesday.

Dinner was followed by another top-ranking in the evening’s “Sharpest Unit” honors. We may have a substantial advantage since, in order to be considered, the unit must be in proper Scout uniform. It is a shame that not every Scout can easily bear the expense of a full, official BSA uniform. Yet one suspects there are others who simply do not feel the need. We are fortunate that our boys show up properly-uniformed. We know we are fortunate as well as hard-working; all the same, it sure is pleasant to win!

A part of the Camp Geiger experience is indulging in some uninhibited silliness. Thus, one highlight of any session is the “King PeeWee” contest. This event has long been an annual tradition. It involves identifying the smallest Scout at camp during the session and then elevating him to the coveted position of “King PeeWee.”  This is by no means demeaning or belittling and is honestly done in the spirit of fun. If a young man were disinclined to participate, he would be gladly excused and no one would think the less of him. The contest is decided by the expedient of weighing the candidates with the title being awarded to the least-massive Scout.

Each troop selects a member to represent them in the contest.  Typically, this is a Scout who has recently joined, for obvious reasons. Older boys simply are not in the running. Nevertheless, sometimes a troop, knowing they have no competitive members, will send an adult. Such was the case tonight.

The candidates line up roughly by height. Thus, the head of the line this time was the leader from a troop we assume has no reasonable candidates. Keeping fully in the spirit of the event, he ‘taunted’ all the other, more plausible, contestants by claiming that he was sure to take the prize. He, of course was immediately eliminated from the competition.

Our emcee was, as usual, Aaron Lewis, the camp Program Director. He is a superb showman and can really get the crowd going.  We waited, anxiously, as one young man after another was found wanting, the best score dropping from 106, to 85 a few boys later, to 78, to 64, to 62, then 61 pounds!

The next to last potential King PeeWee was the candidate from Troop 451, a first-year Scout, Alex Jansen. We were biting our collective fingernails as he approached the scale. When the report was read, he weighed-in at 59 pounds. The last Scout was a hefty 72 pounds. Our Troop had won yet another of the camp-wide competitions.

Another highlight of Tuesday evening is the “Geiger 60.” These are contests of athletic prowess held after the dinner festivities wrap-up, involving various activities of running, jumping, and calisthenics. Congratulations are due for Troop 451’s own ‘Iron Man’, Lee Rebodos, who took top honors in the adult category in sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups. Connor Rebodos also garnered the top place for the under-18 crowd. Great work, Misters Rebodos.

While it is a wonderful feeling for our troop to come in at the top each day and we hope this will continue, we will be careful not to gloat. The satisfaction of being a sharp, disciplined unit, learning and having fun, should be our greatest reward.


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