Camp Geiger - Saturday, June 27

It's been said that Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Boy Scouts, once commented that "summer camp is where boys go to be men, and men go to be boys." Nothing could be more true.

At 7:58 a.m. yesterday morning, (officially, 2 minutes early) the prep team and our giant Penske truck packed to the gills, left Grace for another incredible week at Camp Geiger and enjoyed another easy, enjoyable trip up I-35, across Oklahoma and Kansas and on into Missouri. As expected there was bonding worthy of a SuperGlue endorsement and despite all the talk of "dropping a few" this week, we feasted on mouth-watering cake balls in every amazing flavor, brownies, cookies, rice krispy treats and lots of other delicious goodies! Thanks Moms!

For 548 miles it was sunny and perfect driving weather, but as if on cue (for those who remember the storms from last year) the second we hit the Camp Geiger front gate, it started to rain. Not hard. Just enough to let us know where we were. For about 20 minutes we dodged the raindrops and unloaded the truck. And then just as quickly as the rain began, the clouds parted and a vibrant, beautiful double rainbow appeared over our campsite.

It's going to be a good week.

This morning, while the prep team descended on Bob Evans and Wal-Mart, the bus with Mr. Perry and the bulk of the troop arrived safe and sound and thus, begins our great adventure for the week. Initially, the intent was to include lots of pictures with all the postings, but since we're in the woods and the camp only has a Wi-Fi connection, it's a bit more difficult to upload pictures so we'll be sending those as best we can.

Many thanks to everyone who made this week at camp possible from Moms and Dads, to wives and husbands, to Scout leaders and the big guy at the Tandy leather shop! But most of all, we all want to give a special thanks to Mrs. Perry. Her time and efforts to prepare us for camp are tireless and it's no coincidence we're always the most organized, put together troop here. Many, many thanks to Margaret!


"I remembered how great it was falling asleep with the sound of a train off in the distance. At 2 a.m. it was behind that tent!" - R. Bach


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