Camp Geiger, Tuesday, June 30 - evening

What a glorious day, beginning with yet another cool morning and beautiful sunrise greeting us on top of our hill. Just before breakfast a cool front blew in, dropping temperatures and causing some of our crew to break out the jackets. The boys took merit badge classes under a beautiful blue sky, with temps in the 80's and a gentle cool breeze blowing.

The boys wanted to sleep in this morning and had to have a tent to tent wake up call to get everyone to breakfast on time. Along the way we picked up the early risers from the fishing merit badge class and were treated to a couple of really good fish tales. Apparently Ben R. caught a 4 foot long, 35 pound bass, along with another fish. You can ask him about it when you see him.

The routine is pretty much set for the week. The boys have merit badge classes right after breakfast with a break for lunch, then it's off for more merit badges until 4:00. First year scouts take "Trail to First Class" in the morning to help them advance quickly to the rank of, you guessed it, First Class.

There are many facets of Camp Geiger that both scouts and adults share. We'll feature a different one each day.

Camp Geiger Feature of the Day: The Trails

The trails at Camp Geiger seem to go one way all the time...uphill. We are basically on a bluff that overlooks the Missouri River, which gives us some incredible views, but also gives us some pretty tough terrain to navigate. The trails are easily identifiable, but still difficult to travel if you're a little out of shape. We have to walk about a half a mile from our campsite to the dining hall and amazingly, it's uphill both ways! The scouts never seem to complain much about it, it's mainly the adults. But their calves should be bigger and midsections smaller by the end of the week.

Today's eats: Breakfast - Eggs, and Hash Browns. Lunch - Sloppy Joe's and Tater Tots. Dinner - Burritos and Spanish Rice with Brownies for dessert.

Interesting Fact: We are camping in the same general area on the Missouri River that Lewis and Clark camped 205 years ago this very week! Their Journey of Discovery crew even shot fireworks from their camp on the Kansas side of the river in Atchison, Kansas.


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