Camp Geiger, Sunday, June 28

What a beautiful day to be in Missouri!

Pretty hot today, but the sun was shining and the bugs were few. This morning all the kids got checked in at the pool and tonight, they all got checked in and signed up for their Merit Badges. In between, there was plenty of time to check out the camp, loiter in the Flaming Crow coveting a new knife, T-shirt, hat or some animal pelt that's sure to make it to the top of the trunk for some unsuspecting Mom to find on Sunday.

Also, this just in - Slushies are now $1 a piece, but in cups that are 30% larger. Yea!!!! In addition, the lineup now includes Huckleberry (a very refreshing blend of grape and raspberry with a lovely bouquet and a pleasant aftertaste), Lemon-Lime (not great. It's Toxic Avenger green but a few kids have already had 3 so what do I know), and of course, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and the ever popular blend.

Tonight was our first night in full Class A uniforms and everyone looked super sharp. Apparently, the staff agreed as 451 picked up where we left off last year winning uniform inspection before dinner. Actually, we were in a three-way tie with two other troops. Unlike last year, it looks like we may have a little competition. Nevertheless, at least for tomorrow, the Texas flag will be proudly waving above the flag plaza along with Old Glory and the Missouri state flag.

For those waiting with mouths watering - tonight was the official kickoff to Carbfest 2009! Tonight's menu included: Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, corn, brown gravy and Oatmeal cookies. Oh, and white bread. All accented with a delightful pitcher of Lemonade. Gotta love camp!

Now, we are off to the opening campfire and then the bliss of turning in a bit early. It's been a long day but everyone's having a ball and looking forward to the week to come. We'll leave you tonight with a picture from last night of the exquisite night sky over our campsite.

More tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you all arrived safely and are carb loading gloriously! The Chambers Family

  2. Here's to the first roll down Cardia Hill!! Have great fun this week! The Eggleston girls


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