Camp Geiger - Friday June 28, 2013

“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.” Sir Robert Baden-PoWell

Today was check-in night, and request was plenty of volunteers to help out so that every Scout/Adult is ready and prepared for a great camp true to Scout Slogan – “Be Prepared”.

Camp Geiger processes keep getting better year over year making it easier and simpler for everyone. This year we had 5 stations and look below to see what they were doing! It is really admirable how everyone is committed to ensure we have a safe and successful camp.

Parking Lot Station: Foot Locker checking and Inspection
Station 2: Validating paperwork, scout schedule and distributing maps
Station 3: Medical Station, checking in medications
Station 4: The Bankers: Guardians of the Slushee Fund
Station 5: Last minute shopping, No worries we had it

How I wish, I had a magic wand that would some magically load the truck with the foot lockers, camp gear, Mic-O-Say supplies and other stuff in a orderly way. Well I did not have the wand but our volunteers did the magic. Want to relive the magic, just look at the pictures below

It is all packed up, done and ready to go !  Good Luck Hauling the truck to Camp Mr. Koonce and team. See you there on Sunday. 

Looking forward to Saturday when the rest of us leave ....


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