Camp Geiger - Sunday, June 30 : Here and It feels great

As we left Grace Baptist, it was clear it was going to movie marathon night and it turned out to be one, at least on the leading bus.

We had one refueling stop, it is truly amazing as to how much snack and soda made it into the buses from the Love's at Oklahoma City. Fully energized, Sugared up we continued on

Continuing our tradition of stopping at Platte city McDonald's, we arrived here around 7:30 am. First call of action was to dispense medication, and our team ensured all the Scouts got their Meds before breakfast. The line looked looked so long that we may never finish it. We were not only done fast, looks like most scouts adults took advantage of the extra time to go neighboring QuickTrip for that extra-large Soda ! The pictures at this stop have already already been posted SmugMug.

What a beautiful day it is turning out to be, It is nice, sunny with temperature of 78 degrees with a slight breeze. I remember loading the truck in Flower Mound @ 100+ degrees, compared to that this setting up the camp here feels like vacation in Hawaii. Every year we come here, we are if not the largest, one of the largest Troops. The camp check-in process was smooth and lasted about an HR. A testimony to Julie and team's hard work and attention to detail. It is just not my feeling, I heard this mentioned by Mr Koonce and Camp Staff numerous times today. Once again Kudo's to leadership team for Planning and Executing way beyond expectation.

Once check-in was complete, we made way towards our camp site. We were early and the site was not up so returned back to the trading post, some times. As always, idle time turns into fun time @ Geiger. As I write this blog, we are now at the site, scouts are setting up their tents and camp site. We are just about to start "swim test".

We hope to post pictures of every scout with their tent and tent mates latter tonight. In the meantime, enjoy slideshow of pictures posted to SmugMug so far.

Panoramic view from Trading Post


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