Camp Geiger : June 30 : What a beautiful day it turned out to be

Continuing from where I left of this am, things just got better and better. Everyone has retired back into their tents.

Troop Picture outside dinner hall at uniform inspection
Our troop was awarded the "Sharpest Troop" at uniform inspection today. This is a time tested tradition and honor to receive it on day one. Our troop flag will placed in the dinner hall for all meals tomorrow.

Today, at dinner, we got play "Let's Spin to Win", and our young Mr. Ryan Gunning got to play. He made it count, spinning the wheel twice to win 4 Slushee's. Forgot mention, dinner today was "Salisbury Steak" and everyone went for seconds !
Dinner was followed by camp fire. Each of the staff team performed a skit or song and introduced themselves. Hard to believe that the day is over, looking ahead we should have another great day at camp tomorrow.

 As usual lot more pictures are posted at SmugMug for your viewing. (


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