Camp Geiger July 9th 6:00pm

Tonight, after a long and excting week, this year's journey comes to an end. We go to the dining hall tonight for dinner, then the scouts who are not involved in Mic-O-Say will attend the closing council fire. The foxmen, who have been silent all day will complete their journey to become Mic-O-Say braves, and the adult foxmen will become Honorary Warriors. The weather for tonight's ceremonies should be spectacular, cool and clear, with temps in the low 70's to upper 60's. Tomorrow morning, we wake up, load the truck, and head for home. We'll be taking home souviners from the trading posts, new achievements and merit badges, and lots of good memories.
I'd like to say thanks to the folks at Camp Geiger HQ for all their paitence, hospitality, courtesy and freindship, especially at times in some challenging circumstances.
That's all folks, don't forget to tip your waiters on the way out.
Tonight's dinner - pulled pork, and mac and cheese.
Weather - Mostly sunny and 78.


  1. You're the BEST! Excellent blog updates.

  2. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work keeping us updated on all things Geiger. Award worthy work, for sure. There was humor, perfect song lyrics and my favorite; the dining hall report. I kept imagining what my son would not be eating.

    Beautiful photos and great video. I applaud your work and wish to duplicate it for our church's VBS week.

    Thank you and great work.

    Donna Petagrew

  3. Our whole family kept up with the "happenings" at Camp Geiger... best of all, Pat could still feel a part of it. Although half a world away, his heart was with you at Geiger.

    Thanks again for everything! Ann.

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