Monday afternoon, June 26th, 2017

Our morning, as noted earlier, was filled with substantial rains. While the electrical part of the storm passed overhead, all campers were under cover. Camp Geiger and the BSA are serious about safety and protecting our young men. By lunchtime, all we had to brave was a slight drizzle as we wended our way to the dining hall.

There, our Scouts and Scouters dined on the ever-popular chili-cheese dogs, accompanied by yummy Frito corn chips. A meal not to be missed. With every lunch and dinner, we are offered a great salad bar, the equal of many a commercial example.
The salad bar is always popular with all in attendance and partaking ensures everyone gets their daily vitamins. Fully refueled, our boys headed off to the first of their afternoon classes and activities. Our Scouts and Scouters who are tribesmen of Mic-O-Say headed off to a special location to perform a duty important to both tribesmen and those who wish to be.

By then, the sun was making a valiant effort to burn through the overcast, with middling results. In consequence, we are enjoying a cool, not to say cold, afternoon in the outdoors.

Many of us returned to the marvelous pavilion that surmounts each tornado shelter in each camp. There, people worked on costumes for this weeks tribal ceremonies, as well as creating other items thus associated. To see a half-dozen or more Scouts and Scouters eagerly performing their crafts is a heartening sight.
Come Thursday night, our Scouts will display the results of all their careful, diligent, hard work in a public ceremony, the Tapping Fire. We will discuss this more as our week progresses.

More to come this evening.


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