Friday, midday, June 30th, 2017

The foxmen and braves have been 'on silence' since being so charged last night. The foxmen have been busily working on a conservation project for the camp. They are installing much-needed erosion barriers on the hill below the shelter at Sioux Lookout campsite. This involves cutting small trenches and laying in railroad ties, staked in place with a couple of pieces of half-inch re-bar.

Thought it is not Texas-hot here, the afternoon is nevertheless warm and physical labor is a definite effort. The runners of the tribe, who are charged with watching over the foxmen are well-trained for this responsibility. They ensure their charges take breaks frequently to rest and rehydrate. They watch keenly for any hint of heat stroke or heat exhaustion and intervene long before this becomes an issue. They also look out for other discomfitures that the foxmen's long day may bring. The braves' ordeal is indeed that but it is not a dangerous one. Foxmen may see it differently, and that is by design. They are well cared-for owing to the diligent attention of the runners.

Last night's Tapping Fire, still burning, 17 hours later, after heavy rains. Troop 451 builds a mean fire.
Our braves, as noted above, are also charged with silence. Thus, many of our Scouts are unavailable for interviews today. Combined with the packed night before, this, makes for slim picking. One Scout who shared his experiences of the Tapping ceremony was Fire Builder Takes Many Feathers (Jack Tyson). Jack had the nearly-Hobson's-choice of being either the one to light the Tapping Fire or to be a member of Little Iron Wheel's gauntlet. Either one of these positions is a once-in-a-lifetime honor. It was a difficult decision but, in the end, honoring his troopmate was the clear choice.

Dylan Breding reported that his favorite part of our adventures since leaving Lewisville last Saturday night was, "everything." Matthew Breding was less expansive but allowed as he is enjoying his merit badge classes. Aarya Patel listed the food as a favorite experience.

After lunch, as after breakfast and lunch every day, the Troop 451 bank was open. Surprisingly, nearly half a dozen Scouts had money left in their 'accounts', even at this late hour!

The afternoon's activities are in full swing. Until the next post, good day and good news.


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