Monday evening, June 26th, 2017

As our afternoon progressed, the clouds began to clear and we actually enjoyed a bit of sunshine as well as more-seasonal warmth. Nevertheless, our high today, in the mid-70s, just about reached last night's overnight low for Sid Richardson Scout Ranch. Rest assured, Sid is experiencing an absolutely unseasonable cold spell too.

It is now a pleasantly cool 62 degrees, with a low of 53 degrees F predicted. Again, this is perfect sleeping bag weather and sleep we will. After an active day trekking all over our favorite Scout camp, one's cot looks especially inviting.

Tonight's dinner was the traditional fettuccine-Alfredo-with-chicken-breast of a Camp Geiger Monday night. Green beans accompanied, as well as the ever-delightful salad bar.  Tonight's desert was white cake with chocolate icing. At every meal, we are reminded of the importance of staying well-hydrated and everyone is encouraged to drink lots of water. The meals at Camp Geiger are popular with most Scouts and are made all the tastier by the big appetites that a day of climbing over hill and over dale engenders.

The camp is situated among the hills overlooking the wide Missouri River, the Mighty Water, and, arguably, the Missouri is part of the longest river system in the world (now that geosatellite photos and computerized mapping are available, many systems have been 'measured' down several levels of fractal resolution and several river systems are now claimed to be longer than any river that has previously held the title) or, at least, the longest navigable river system in the World. This correspondent is not one to let an American title slip by unchallenged! 😁

The hills, though not especially lofty, are cut-through with deep declivities and rugged ravines, making any hike around camp a circuitous process that can seem to be uphill both ways. Today's showers left many slick and muddy but everyone succeeded in navigating them without incident.

Asked about his experiences at camp thus far, Julian Razavi stated that the food was a highlight for hi, while Jai Nagenini was less certain. For Jai, a least-favorite experience was the bus ride up. He explained that it simply took much longer than he cared for. Alex Jansen enjoyed his merit badge classes and Alex Tyson was delighted to renew friendships with Camp Geiger staffers he knows from previous years. Thursday night's Tapping Ceremony is an eagerly awaited high point for Mr. T

Although he did not say as much, one suspects Alex also anticipates the prospect of advancement within the Tribe of Mic-O-say. Surely, not without some trepidation, contemplating advancement in or induction into the tribe must be a common preoccupation of many able Scouts on camp this week. One never knows just how or why one is selected to become a part of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say but, based on past and present membership, the process surely achieves the desired results: top-notch Scouts and Scouters are admitted to this long-standing honor camping society. In the interest of full disclosure, your correspondent must acknowledge being an inductee into the Tribe and thus, to possible bias as to the Tribe's successes and its profound ability to keep our Scouts engaged in Scouting.

We will revisit the Tribe's history and purpose on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is slated to dawn clear and sunny, with a sweltering high all the way up to 82 degrees F. Wednesday and Thursday, a return to wetter weather is expected with highs just a bit higher. We shall see. We certainly hope that no rain will dampen the Thursday night ceremonies.

Our first full day at Camp Geiger is completed. The hour grows again late and the Eastern sky will be fully-bright by 5:30 in the morning, with the sun creeping over the horizon by 5:53 AM. The prudent have returned to their tents already, in hopes of a good night's rest before the rigors and fun of another day on the Geiger reservation. While not so prudent as they, this author now follows suit.

And so to cot.


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