Camp Geiger, Saturday, July 4

Well, it was probably a bit unrealistic to think we could have spent a whole week at Camp Geiger without getting rained on once. And we didn't. We got rained on twice!

Friday around midnight, not 5 minutes after the Mic-O-Say members returned from tribal activities, the Heavens opened and dumped 2-3 inches of rain on us in about 20 minutes. It was crazy! But by the time we woke up, the rain had stopped leaving plenty of mud and sauna-like humidity. Perfect weather to pack up a 22-foot moving truck.

Plenty tired, but ready to come home, everyone started packing up the truck and then left for a quick breakfast of Cinnamon rolls and Orange Juice. Unfortunately, before we ever got to the dining hall, the rains returned soaking everything set out for packing. Fortunately, this shower was quick and by the end of breakfast, we had clear skies to finish packing the truck.

At 9 a.m., we headed up to the handicraft corral for the final meeting of camp and the presentation of camp awards. Much to our delight, 451 was well represented.

First up, Alex T. won the award for Best Metalwork. Then Trent P. won the award for Best Basketry. Christopher M. followed with the award for Best Leatherwork. Jacob H. brought home the Best Rifle Shooting award for campers 13 and over and Mark B. and Robby S. beat out the rest of camp for the Science Quiz of the Day awards.

Next up, James K. was awarded a special patch for completing the Mile Swim, his second in two years and Joseph M., Noah B. and Eliot C. received their patches for SCUBA. Finally, 451 was recognized with Troops 425 and 21 as the Sharpest Unit for winning uniform inspection at dinner every night of the week.

There is one award that was not covered in the final meeting because it was a Mic-O-Say acknowledgement, but it's one that certainly deserves mention here. On Friday night, Terry Goodnight was awarded the Mic-O-Say white coup of service, one of the highest awards an adult tribesman can earn. Along with Mr. Lueking, who earned the white coup last year, Mr. Goodnight has worked tirelessly to foster Mic-O-Say within our troop helping with costumes, dances, chants and anything else that needed doing. It was a proud moment for all of us in 451 and Mr. Goodnight deserves our thanks and congratulations!

And so, at 11:15 a.m., with trunks loaded, the campsite clean and camper electronics back in hand, Troop 451 pulled out of St. Joseph, Missouri and headed home to Texas. It was another incredible week. Thanks to all who made it possible!


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