Camp Geiger, Thursday, July 2, Tap Day

After our inspiring campfire program last night, we headed back to camp, some to wash up, some to run around and wear themselves out until bed time. One thing you see here at night that we don't so much of at all back in Lewisville and Flower Mound are "lightning bugs". You may or may not be familiar with these insects who have a type of phosphorescent material in their hindquarters to make them give off light. Walking down the dark wooded trails at night, if you look into the dense woods on either side of you and keep your flashlight off, you could swear there are Christmas lights swaying in the trees. There are so many! It's really something to see.

Also last night there seemed to be a gorilla lurking around camp. He would jump out and scare unsuspecting scouts and adults on the way to the showers. Mr. Perry and Mr. McClellan happened to catch the perpetrator before he was about to pounce on another victim, and jumped out and scared the gorilla! That'll teach him.

Yesterday's eats: Breakfast - Pancakes and bacon, Lunch - Burritos and bowtie pasta, Dinner - Cici' Pizza (we were the only troop in camp and it was family night, so most of the other troops were in town for dinner.)

Today we continue our daily routines and wait patiently for the Mic-O-Say ceremony tonight to see who will be tapped out to become a member of the tribe. While the scouts continue to pursue their merit badges, and the first year scouts continue to pursue the rank of first class, some of the adults participated in the leader archery competition. Mr. Perry and Mr. Goodnight tied for first among our troop and had a one arrow shoot off. The below picture shows the winner.

Camp Geiger Feature of the Day: The Slushie

The Trading Post is probably the most popular place in camp (besides the dining hall). It has things you can buy for merit badges, material for Indian costumes, souvenirs like walking sticks, tshirts and hats, but most of all, the Trading Post is the place to go for the Slushie.

On the outside it looks like an every day ordinary frozen beverage. But here at Camp Geiger, it is Nirvana, the be-all and end-all, the greatest drink creation in the history of mankind, the Everest of....okay, you get the picture. The line forms to the left and it is long. At the very reasonable price of $1, you have your choice of strawberry, blue raspberry, huckleberry, or lemon-lime. Some particularly innovative scouts like the raspberry-strawberry swirl combination. When the temperatures get hot, nothing cools you down better than your favorite Slushie. It may look like a frozen drink to you, but's gold.


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