Camp Geiger, Thursday, July 2, Tap Day

You can feel the anticipation in camp for tonight's tap ceremony in the air, and no, it's not just the humidity. There's a lot of talk among the boys about whether they're going to be tapped tonight. The thought process goes from "Yes, I think I'm going to get tapped tonight" to "Well, I think I've got a 50 to 1 shot" to "I don't think it's gonna happen" back to "I think I'm gonna get tapped." Some adults will enjoy the honor of being included as tribe members in Mic-O-Say also. The ceremony starts at 8:20 and we'll see a magical ceremony followed by a long solemn march to the Mic-O-Say fire, where the circle of boys and men will wait to see who the new members of the tribe are.

To take a little bit of the edge off, the long awaited "King Peewee" contest followed dinner. This contest honors the lightest and possibly smallest of the scouts in camp. The competition this year was fierce. Each troop representative, approached the scale, let out a breath, maybe took off their shoes and waited for the numbers to read as low as possible. None however could stand up to the small in size, yet large in stature, and new "King Peewee", our very own Leon J.!

They tried to throw their best at Leon trying to get him to eat two burgers for dinner and extra fries, but he would have none of it. His will was as hard as stone and his determination unequalled. After much discussion with the Camp Geiger staff, King Peewee made his first and only decree...tomorrow is Slushie Day and troop 451 will get a free Slushie! (Unfortunately to split between us, we have over 80 people).

Also notable, earlier in the day in the scout rifle shooting competition, our own Jacob H. took the title in a field of very crack shots.

Today's eats: Breakfast - Eggs and sausage, Lunch - Turkey sandwiches and fruit, Dinner - Cheeseburgers, fries and corn.

Good luck to all our potential tribe members tonight. I can smell the bonfire begin to burn....


  1. Hello. I am one of the edtiors of the Make Talk, a magazine distributed to Mic-O-Say members. We are running an article about your wonderful blog. If possible, can we get a high-resolution photo of the King Pee Wee photo? I appreciate it. Please let me know at


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