Camp Geiger, Wednesday, July 1

All the scouts are taking their merit badge classes and have pretty much fallen into a routine. So you may ask yourself, "I wonder what all the adults are doing...sitting around with a bottle of water telling stories to each other, laughing and having a generally good time?" Well, no. Actually we're doing some work around camp.

We're hard at work making an observation tower and storm shelter, and were able to build two massive decks in just two days. Other adults have helped to paint another building on the campground, and put up a flag pole in front of another building.

We did take some time out for an adult rifle competition today, but we were hard at work the rest of the day. We'll have the results of the competition in a future posting.

So, you see, we're really working hard to make sure our boys and others get the best of the scouting experience. And we save the telling stories, laughing and having a generally good time for later that night.


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