Rain, Rain . . .

Well, we dodged this hydrological bullet last evening but now we are under the trailing edge of a large storm system stretching nearly from Witchita, Kansas to Waterloo, Iowa. The much-needed precipitation is currently coming down in torrents. No strong winds seem to accompany this system and so there is no need for us to make use of the emergency storm shelters that grace each campsite. However, some lightning was reported and thus, everyone is required to be in a structure, under a roof.

For your correspondent, happily ensconced in the Leader's Lounge in Herzog Lodge, sheltering in place is no hardship (rather the opposite, actually). For some of the souls in camp this week, accommodations may not be so comfortable. Needless to say, being cooped-up precludes being able to follow our Scouts around to their various classes and activities to capture their expereinces in digital media (I almost wrote "on film"! How dated of me!)

I mentioned in an earlier post that Sunday night, we had a storm shelter drill. Much like the more-familiar fire drill, the storm shelter drill helps prepare us to survive an unwanted adventure. When the warning sounded, everyone in Sioux Lookout headed immediately to the basement of the storm shelter. You can read more about these shelters in this post from last year: Tuesday-dawn-June-27th-2017.html

The storm continues and I take the opportunity to upload photos to SmugMug (Herzog Lodge is comfortably appointed with air conditioning and WiFi service as well. Talk about 'roughing it!') I had previously nearly completed uploading these photos from Sunday but a momentary interruption courtesy of Mother Nature seems to have bolloxed-up the whole thing. Therefore, I am trying again.

Photos of Sunday, June 17th at Camp Geiger


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