Tuesday morning, June 19th, 2018

Another dawn, another day!

The earth here in St. Joseph is unseasonably dry and the farmers could really use the rain. We nevertheless, with some guilty feelings, welcomed the lack of rain last night. The night was cool and breezy but, blessedly, uneventful. While summer camp is an exciting adventure, it is nice not to have too much excitement during sleeping hours. While it is a comfort to know that a safe, sturdy refuge is right nearby, should the need arise, it is more comforting to have no such need.

Rain is still in the forecast for later today and through the remainder of the week. We are well-prepared and will take such eventuality in stride, as it comes. One of the salient benefits of participating in Scouting is that our young men learn a substantial degree of self-reliance. They also learn to serve others. It is great to watch as our older boys help their younger Scout colleagues adjust to life at summer camp.

This was seen, for example, Sunday morning when we unloaded our troop trailer. Traditionally, we have rented a 20-24 foot truck to haul all of our gear to camp but this year, we elected to use the large white troop trailer. Expertly packed by our Scouts under the close supervision and with the significant contributions of several Scouters, the great majority of our summer gear fit. Much of the remainder filled the bed of the Harris's pickup truck and several remaining items were stowed in the cargo hold of our bus.

Using the troop trailer and such saved us the cost of a rental and precluded the need to collect a 'transportation surcharge' on this year's camp fees. The tradeoff is that we needed to be a bit selective in what we hauled up to Missouri. Notwithstanding, all of our essential gear arrived with us and our Troop 451 campsite, Sioux Lookout, feels like camp should.

Unloading our gear was a true team effort and our older Scouts pitched in and showed the new boys how they could contribute. The trailer was emptied in record time and all were soon busily applying themselves to the myriad chores attendant to 'settling in.' Though it may be only for a week, Camp Geiger is our temporary home and everyone wants home to feel like home. Creature comforts, such as a favorite pillow or a comfortable camp chair help make this so.

Returning to camp offers the opportunity to reunite with friends made previous summers, especially on the camp staff but including Scouts from other troops. Merit badge classes and other activities present opportunities to meet and get to know Scouts from around the country (mostly the Midwest). Our Scouters too can renew friendships.

Now, Reveille has sounded and the camp is waking. Soon, it will be off to the dining hall and breakfast. Today, we proudly display our Troop 451 flag there, in honor of having garnered last evening's "Sharpest Unit" award.

Look to here later today for more updates and don't forget to check the Troop 451 SmugMug page too!


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