Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 - Homeward Bound!

As is our wont, the indomitable Scouts and Scouters of Troop 451 rose circa 6:15 this morning to strike camp and load up our gear. Scout Master Steve Kral and Assistant Scoutmaster Mark Lampe ably directed those Scouts who returned to camp after the Camp Geiger Carnival last night. They disassembled and packed the Troop 451 entryway sign (as seen on TV!) Along with similar duties performed, these folks really gave us a big start on today's labors. Those who duties kept them elsewhere last night extend a hearty "Thank you!" for their good work.

Without the capacious rental truck that we have hired in years past, packing up went more slowly this year than last but it nevertheless went well. Getting most of our gear into the larger of our two white trailers requires more careful packing than we have needed the past few trips to Geiger. Under the able direction of Steve Kral, we made highly efficient use of space. Most of the boys pitched-in to one degree or another but Jeremy Halbach went above and beyond, serving at Steve's side from the loading of the first box until we closed the trailer door. Once our gear was appropriately stowed for the trip home, we demolished the trays of the traditional Saturday morning cinnamon rolls for which the Camp Geiger kitchen is justly famous.

We attended closing ceremonies at 9:30. We were pleased to be recognized with the award for the Sharpest Unit of the Second Session. Inexplicably, the Cleanest Campsite recognition was awarded to Troop 86, though we won the daily competition four of the five days it was held. Some of the mild naggings of disappointment was assuaged by winning the Spirit award. This recognizes the unit with the greatest Scout Spirit in camp this week. While we were disappointed not to win the award for having the cleanest campsite, sometimes, you just can't win it all and it would be churlish to complain of the lack of recognition when we garnered recognition for so much else. This simply gives us a target for next year! In any event, we maintained our tradition of being a sharp troop that keeps its campsite in ship-shape order while displaying outstanding Scout spirit.

This week's Under-18 Staff Man of the Week (elected by the campers) was Troop 451's own Jay Jay Rawson.

We are now wending our weary ways through St. Joseph, on our way to Texas and home! This post must be brief yet information-packed.

Friday night, June 22nd, 2018, was yet another great night for Troop 451 and the Tribe of Mic-O-Say! We gathered on a pleasantly cool, damp evening to celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow tribesmen and, especially, the members of our troop. The Presiding Medicine Man of our tribe declared that Thursday's Tapping Ceremony was the largest ever seen at Camp Geiger. In all 72 new tribesmen were inducted: 58 Braves and 14 Honorary Warriors.

Our Scouts and Scouters who are actively involved in our Troop and the Tribe of Mic-O-Say earned many important advancements last night. Briefly, advancements include:

New Braves:
Kevin Koonce - Least Guards Falcon
Joseph Paroski - Little Windward Hawk
Ryan Turner - Little Swift Turn

Braves to Warriors:
Ryan Bussey - Little Fast Lynx
Will Harris - Little Crazy Talk
Matthew Richards - Laughing Rock
Aidan Zentner - Wolf Shadow

Fire Builders to Tom Tom Beaters:
Brant Goodrich – Stands for Man
Nick Harris – Crazy Talk
Thomas Sorensen – Little Red Coyote
Alex Tyson – Stands by Fire

Tom Tom Beaters - to Runner
Ian Hollenshead – Little Diving Eye
Jay Jay Rawson – (staffer) Little Spirit Paint

In addition, two of out Honorary Warriors were awarded the coveted White Coup of Service:
Dennis Goodrich - Big Stands for Man
Kevin Hollenshead - Diving Eye

Congratulations to all our Troop 451 Mic-O-Say tribesmen!!

A note on Tribal names: You may have surmised that there is typically a convention to the way these names are given. The first member of a family is given a name based on some distinguishing characteristic or experience. For example, let’s say a Scout is inducted into the Tribe and given the name “Soaring Eagle.” Then, perhaps, his younger brother is inducted in a later year. That second family member of the same generation would be called "Little Soaring Eagle". If their father were next inducted, he would be "Big Soaring Eagle". Their mother might be inducted as "Ina Soaring Eagle" ("ina" means "mother of") . A still younger brother would be "Least Soaring Eagle". When a parent is inducted before a son, it is they who receive the unmodified base-name (e.g. "Fierce Badger"). The first son inducted then becomes “Little Fierce Badger”, while a second would be “Least Fierce Badger.” This pattern continues through "Small", "Smaller", etcetera. It can get very interesting (and a bit confusing) when a grandson is inducted.

While the convention is not absolute, most names bestowed by the Tribe of Mic-O-Say follow these patterns.

Next stop: Emporia, Kansas and Pizza Ranch!!


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