Week One, Post-Geiger 2018

Thursday, July 19th is our next Troop Committee meeting.

Every Scouter, new and old alike, should plan to attend this meeting. We convene at 7:00 pm in Room 305 of the Family Life Center at FUMC (upstairs, where we meet on Monday nights).

Our troop sits at something of a crossroads at present. Last year, a very large class of our Scouts aged-out and we are going to see the same this year. Many of those of us in leadership positions either no longer have sons in the troop or soon will not have. As we prepare for our future, your input is invaluable. Troop 451 needs you!

Troop 451 has long been well-served by Scouters who do not have boys in the program and for this, we are grateful. I feel certain that we will continue to benefit from the service of such dedicated volunteers in the future. Nonetheless, it is time for the parents of current Scouts to step up and start to share in more of the work needed to keep our troop successful. Many of our most dedicated Scouters were themselves Boy Scouts; even more were not, coming to Scouting because of their son’s involvement. One need not have any background in Scouting to make important contributions to our enterprise.

For more than two decades, Troop 451 has offered an outstanding Scouting program to the young men of Lewisville, Flower Mound, and surrounding communities. Offering a first-rate Scouting experience requires effort from many volunteers. This is no less true now than in the past. If your son is benefitting from his membership in Troop 451, please ask yourself how you can contribute more to keep our troop strong.

Your troop's Committee is not a club comprised of "insiders". Along with our Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters, your committee members constitute the volunteer corps of adults who take on the tasks necessary to run an excellent program and see that those tasks are accomplished. No single task is especially onerous or overwhelming but they become so as fewer folks shoulder the burdens. If many hands make light work, the opposite is just as true.


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