Jumping Bear Museum

A new edition to Camp Geiger this is year is the "Jumping Bear Museum". The museum is located in the trading post and has been established to achieve the following objectives
  1. Record and Document the history of Camp Geiger
  2. IPAD lab to help teaching with Technology Needs
  3. Create history of Camp Geiger going forward
I met the Museum Director, Alex Zanatta, and he gracious to give me a tour and some insights into Museum. and here is my best recollections from the tour
Early Photos from Camp Geiger
  • Camp Brinton, was the original camp. It is about 15 miles south of here. Before the camp migrated to the current location it operated there for little over 10 years. The areas is still wooded but not active for camps anymore
Early Pictures of Camp Brinton
  • Camp Brinton was moved to Camp Geiger in year 1935

Original Camp Geiger Entrance on Water Works Road
  • For the football fans here, It may be a known fact that Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City as Kansas City Chiefs. The name "Chiefs" was named after Chief Lone Bear at Camp Geiger, H Roe Bartle, who was then the Mayor of Kansas City.
  • The Museum has history and pictures from the early days of Camp Geiger.  These include contributions from H Roe Bartle, Simon Rositzky, Roger Thom and others, who can be considered as "Fathers of  Geiger".
  • This year IPAD Lab is supporting merit badges fulfill requirements like "Cyber Bullying", "Financials and Stock" and many more scouting apps. This lab enhances the ability complete more merit badges while at camp.

  • The museum publish a Twitter Feed that can followed or can be viewed at from http://micosay.org.
  • One of the Video's the Museum show cases, is the video we created in Troop 451 in year 2010 after summer camp.
  • The camp is now collecting all information related to troops at Camp not Just Summer Camps. They have a noble goal to become the historians for each Troops coming to Camp Geiger.
  • The main dress on display, was donated by Mike Parnell, Chieftain Boy Helper. It was never worn.

There are lot more cool displays/exhibits here. Find some of them below and for more you should definitely try to go to the museum when you can get here to Camp !

Neckerchiefs on Display

Camp Geiger Mugs at Display


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