July 1st – Day 2 at Camp Geiger

For some from our troop, Monday started off dim and early with the “Mile Swim” prep session.  The Mile Swim at Camp Geiger consists of swimming 64 laps in the pool. This requirement will be tested on Wednesday morning so today’s session was only part of the distance to warm folks up.

After reveille sounded at 7:00 AM, troop members arose and tended to their morning rituals. Ten minutes later, the call for waiters went out. For each meal, each troop selects a number of their own to act as the waiters for that meal. For most troops, the number of waiters needed is 2-3. For Troop 451, the requisite number is 13!  At 7:20, the troop assembled for Morning Colors on the Parade Ground. Once the flags were appropriately raised, we filed into the dining hall for a breakfast of French toast fingers and sausage.

Following breakfast, the boys prepare for their day’s activities. At 9:00 AM, the first training session begins. For newer Scouts, there is Trail to First Class. This activity helps the boys meet their requirements for advancing in rank. Older Scouts attend one of several Merit Badge courses on offer, covering subjects such as Eagle-required badges, Scout Craft, Nature, etc. The day is divided into 7 activity periods (1-6 for regularly-scheduled activities and one more for Special Activities). 
While the boys are busily learning skills and acquiring knowledge, the adults are involved in various duties. Some of us served as campsite inspectors, others, under the direction of the Camp Master, David Gonzalez, ensured that our own site was spic and span. Some folks help out with Trail to First Class. Other duties include helping as a lifeguard at the pool, acting as banker to disburse the boys’ pocket money, or acting as Medic. The Medic controls each boy’s medicine and ensures that those boys who need daily medications remember to take them. Ms. Chen and Messrs.’ Rahman and Rebodos ensure that the boys apply their sunscreen. This is an essential precaution for folks spending the entire day out-of-doors. We also have several photographers supplying the images you see on our blog and on SmugMug.

The third session concludes at noon and lunch is served at 12:30.
Look for updates later in the day.

It's GREAT To Be Part of A Sharp Outfit!!

After lunching on chili dogs, chips, and salad, we anxiously awaited the results of Campsite Inspection. Two troops tied for Third Place with 100 points each. Second  Place came in with a score of 102. The announcement of First Place was drawn out but our anticipation was amply rewarded when we learned that Troop 451 came in First with 106 points!!

In recognition of this achievement, we get to hoist our troop flag at Morning Colors tomorrow. It is indeed great to be part of a sharp outfit!


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