Camp Geiger : Saturday July 06 - Going Home

“...For a century, Scouts just like you have served your communities and your nation in ways both large and small. During World War II, Scouts played a vital role in supporting the war effort at home by running messages and selling war bonds....Today, Scouts across the country
continue in the tradition of collecting food for those in need, improving our neighborhoods, and reaching out to those less fortunate....
Congratulations on your first hundred years. I’m sure the next hundred will be even better.” 

President Barack H. Obama at 2010 National scout Jamboree

It is 11:06 and we are out of the camp crossing River Missouri @ St. Joseph. It was 81 degrees, with slight breeze. Looks like rain is headed to Camp Geiger. This my third time here and I truly felt this was the best, we could not have asked for better. Some of senior leaders can answer in Circle Up, if there was better week they remember.

Thank you "God" for such a great week.

We did get the award for "Sharpest Troop" and "Best Camp Site" for the week. However, "Scout Spirit" award alluded us this time. Congratulations to Troop 67 and Troop 47 for winning. Some of our scouts won in "Geiger 60" Games

A quick look at our braves, I believe we have 14 of them who tested and came out in flying colors. If the goal of scouting is to become a respected Eagle Scout, for Mic-O-Say it is to become a "Runner". Congratulation to Joesph Martin, who has now advanced to become a "Runner".

I am sure many of have seen pictures of scouts with Hats that are highly creative and customized to every one who wanted. The man behind the hats was our very own "Mark Borst". Was wondering if the trading post folks would approach him to see, if they could add to their inventory. We now have 2400+ pictures posted to SmugMug. Mark was also key to taking these pictures.

Taking of trading post, I am sure one of the first questions my wife is going to ask my - "Where did all the money go ... ?" Figured it would be a nice way to cover the "Trading Post" - The center of all activity at Camp for scouts.

So here is a quick preview of the merchandise ... if you forgot camping essential like flashlight, mosquito repllert, do not worry they have it. Need to Regalia for  Costume it, they have it. Finding it too difficult to find a walking stick, no worries they have one that will meet your fashion sense. Need a sugar rush, they have candy, ice cream, soda pop and more
Oh well this is not going finish anytime soon, no wonder they say "A picture is worth a 1000 words". I give in.
8 Flavors mixed into three Slushies
The king of them all "Slushies", with 8 flavors. I am sure our great weather ( not too hot ), did not have any impact on sales numbers of these slushies.

Well we are now on a movie marathon in the bus, looks some of the braves have gone to sleep given what they been through. Going thru Mic-O-Say ceremonies last night it was clear how adults who are fully engaged make a huge difference in kids lives. We had a scout talk to us on how he scouting and Mic-O-Say helped him stay focused on School and how proud he is that he is now able to go to college  and still stay engaged with the program to help other new scouts. We truly are fortunate to have committed leaders like Gary Leuking and Richard Covington representing at the highest levels in Mic-0-Say.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Would like to close today by saying - Thank you for reading this blog, more pictures at smugmug. We are now stopped for lunch,

Home sweet Home - Here we come


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