Camp Geiger - Friday July 05 - Ceremonies Day

We were once again announced as "Best Camp Site" at lunch today, that makes it - 3 of 5 days.

Today our leadership team presented a Plaque made by Mr Rawson to Mr. Tony Sasso, thanking him for all the support the camp provides us. It was later signed by all leaders here.

Unlike our foxmen, who were seen running and working all around camp today, we adults who got tapped had an easier time with service projects and meetings. (Taking foxmen picutres in the camp is not allowed, we did take some when they stopped by for lunch)

At the start the week, merit badges were looking like class rooms, middle of the week they were bustling with activities, today it looked like they were all relaxing. We also had our senior scouts proudly wearing - I survived C.O.PE T-Shirts

Early in the evening, our scouts started closing the camp down. Dinner was outside in tapper valley. The scene resembled a big picnic celebration. Plenty of food, lots of noise, weather was great.

We came back to tent from the ceremonies around 1:00 am. As usual we had pizza and everyone is now asleep.

Hope to wake up early ... cannot wait to be back home.  As usual pictures have been posted to smugmug.


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