Camp Geiger : Tuesday July 2 - Starting the day raising Texas Flag

Today is turning out to beautiful day here again. Temperatures continue to be in mid-eighties, with not much breeze. Today Somehow feels slightly hotter than the previous two days more than likely due to lack of breeze.

As goes in camp life, we get into a routine really fast. Given we were the best camp site yesterday, the reward was to raise the Texas Flag at breakfast. Our Eagle Scouts at Camp joined the staff to raise the Flag. Want to watch it ! just click on the link below.
It is truly a pride to see Texas Flag fly here at Camp Geiger in Missouri. Breakfast was eggs and cheese, Lunch was Pork Chops with Potatoes. I always come here to Geiger thinking I will loose weight but the result turns out be exactly the opposite with all the good food that is served at the dining hall and slushies at trading post. Today post lunch song was "railroad song", Mark and James Koonce were asked to join to lead. The video posted below.

We were announced as the "Best Camp Site" again today. The winning score was 109, 3 points higher than yesterday. The bar keeps climbing every day.

More later, now it is time to go shoot more photo's ! as usual go to SmugMug to see more pictures


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