Camp Geiger- Monday Jul 1 - Sunset Post

"When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.Mahatma Gandhi 

It was beautiful / gorgeous sunset today. It is 9:38 PM here and the sky still has some redness to it, looks like tonight's temperatures will be better than yesterday with forecast taking the temperature only to 58 degrees. Walking across the Camp Geiger, I personally had multiple sighting of Deer, Bunnies etc. It is truly a great experience see these peacefully co-exist and share the wilderness with us

Best Camp Site
Troop 451 continues to be on roll here Camp Geiger, when the results were tallied and announced for "Best Campsite", guess who was the winner. Among one of the loudest cheer in the dining hall, Troop 451 was announced as winner scoring 106 points, second place was full 3 points behind. With a camp site as large as ours, it is easy to loose points. Kudos to the Camp Master:David Gonzalez and the whole team for keep in the camp site clean.

We are not done yet, second day in a row, we were also announced as the "Sharpest Unit", The boys are expected to be in full "Class A" uniform at dinner and are inspected for completeness of dress. We continue to demonstrate all aspect of Scout Spirit here camp Geiger.

Mail Man for the Day
At dinner today, our scout master delivered mail to all scouts / adults who had mail. Just as you expect there was surprise here in store for Mr Koonce Jr., who is staffing here. While every one received packages from Texas, his did not. Which raised too many questions. To find out more about watch this video ( apologize in advance if it not clear, as the noise levels and the lighting inside the dining center out of range !)

Well fun part did not end there, there is more. There is motto in scouts, never loose anything and if you do and and sometimes especially if you are popular then you get do something like singing the "Teapot" Song to recover it. At Camp Geiger it is no different. Curious about how the recovery works see this video - it is fun. (apologize for the video orientation, hopefully can fix it later !).

Today was day, where I spent most of my time in Trail of First Class and Eagle Merit Badge area. So thought it would be fun talk, opinion of our new scouts in the troop are doing. It is truly tough track one down and get 5 minutes of their time between Merit Badges, Trail of first class and off-course the "The Trading Post". However I did talk Mr. Ben Spence, See what he had to say for yourself !

It looks like the effort is beginning to build the Tapping Fire, the last time I was here at Camp Geiger, I remember Troop 451 having built it to be 12 foot high. We will see how large it gets this year. No matter how large or big it is truly an experience to watch it flame up !

As I finish this update, there are more pictures posted into SmugMug. (Slide show is on home page, you can also go to the picture gallery under summer camp)


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