Camp Geiger, Wednesday July 03 - Family Day Early Post

“I admire the Boy Scouts of America because the BSA has meant finding real solutions to some of the problems plaguing our country and has kept the faith in what America is and must mean to the world. You show that character comes from one small act at a time, caring for each child as if he or she were our own.” George Bush, former President of the United States of America

It just after lunch, so far the day is sunny and bright. We did not have any more rain since the downpour last evening. It is nice 83 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. Today Texas Flag was raised at the camp by some of senior scouts at camp. 

As with all good runs, our good run paused today. We were placed second in Camp Site just one point behind Troop 67 (Congratulations on competing hard and getting there).
Per Program Director Aaron Lewis, the winning score was a record breaking score of 113. We still continue to be the standard to over come here at Camp Geiger. Kudo's to Troop 451. In addition we did have a couple of strikes against our boys here at camp. This led to Mark, Gary and Richard speaking to the boys on proper behavior. At the end of the day :- Boys will be boys and we need keep providing the right guidance.

A patrol celebrating "Lighting a fire" (Trail of First Class)
We continue to have great camp. As much as I had trouble writing the previous paragraph. Though we compete with other Troops and there is always this aura Texas vs. the rest here at camp, there is significant positive impact of this interaction. The are making new friends who eventually can be their blood brothers, they are learning the key skill of working together and working with others. Just see the picture embedded here. It says more than what my words can express.

The weather continues to be picture perfect here at St Joesph and for families visiting here today it should be a great night. As the day progresses the fun continues. Here is a small event : a staff member greeted our troop with this picture as we were entering the dining hall for Lunch ....

Who will be the National Champion in 2013 ?
Our Response :- Nebraska does it in paper, we will get the job done on the field ! Go Texas ....


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