Camp Geiger - Monday, July 1, 2013 : First full activity day

"The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light" Sir Robert Baden-Powell

The weather here at camp continues to be great, as I write this blog entry it is nice/sunny with temperature at 77 degrees, with a slight breeze. The trading post gives you the feeling of being "resort" with all the activity around. The day however started slightly chilly. Our scout master Mark was truly proud that he did not get into warmth of sleeping bag unlike his  his tent mate - Mr Koonce ... Ouch that hurt.  
The day started for all of us raising the flag at our camp site and preparing the site for inspection. This led to our troop being a little tardy getting into breakfast area today. Most of us were late and we even forgot to take the Troop Flag for Posting in the dining center. Having said that, we all did make it there with the flag and had a lovely breakfast : Sausage with French Toast Sticks. To recognize the chilliness - the song in the breakfast was "Pink Pyjamas". 
Today, Troop 451 Bank was open for business early in the morning and the bankers got busy  disbursing the funds. I read about the concept of "Run on the Bank" but this one came close to experiencing it. This is serious business.
The trail of first class leadership team ensure d all our first year scouts made it to Trail of First Class. As I was taking pictures of "Trail of First Class, I ran into "BuckSkin Games Area". Mr. Steve Rosnak, fondly called by all scouts as "Doc", was courteous to give me one-on-one training as to how to throw a Tomahawk's (Hatchets). It was a memorable/fun experience and as newbie luck goes I actually nailed all three on my first try from 6 ft. It is truly humbling too see so many dedicated staff and volunteers who are always willing to help. 
Find a collage of some early activity of "Trail of first class" more pictures as usual posted at SmugMug.


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