CHOW TIME - Grab a fork and be our guest at the Camp Geiger Dining Hall
If it's true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the the Dining Hall is the most beloved of all buildings here at Camp Geiger.

While it's hard to imagine that anything besides ribs and brisket should be served out of something bigger than a garbage can, the grub here is downright adequate (keep those cookies comin'!)

The actual dining hall is a huge octagon with massive ceiling fans up top that pull in fresh air through the screens of the walls and doors. Meals are always started with a blessing (make sure and ask for the "Superman" and "Addams Family" blessings!), and after the meal's "2 minute drill" cleanup there are songs, announcements, the daily weather report (at breakfast) and even games where kids can win prizes like Free Slushies and walking sticks. There is usually a surprise event of some sort at every meal.  

The four foot square tables have benches on each side, seating eight people with one adult and at least one staff member usually on the seating chart. The staff are super friendly and always helpful. After assembling outside on the flag plaza for flag raising, announcements, or flag lowering, the 400 campers and 100 staff members pile into the dining WITH HATS OFF!

As the events are unfolding on the flag plaza, each day's designated "table waiters" are busy inside setting their tables with plates, glasses and silverware, getting water, juice and that meal's food for their table and finally making the run for seconds should there be any.

Each scout serves as a table waiter for one day during the week which, for 451, makes a daily staff of 14 plus 4 adult "monitors" to "encourage" the boys to clean up their tables adequately after the meal. Who knew boys didn't like to clean?

Lunchtime brings mail call, otherwise known as the "Let's see whose mama and wife loves them today!" ritual. I'm not sure anything lights up a kid's face here like getting mail. Letters are great but boxes are like the Holy Grail! Those who get boxes are usually pretty good at sharing with those who didn't but the best part is always the anticipation of seeing whose name is on the box. (BTW - thanks for the fans Margaret!)

Also, let 2012 be known as the year al fresco dining came to Camp Geiger. With camp so full this week there aren't enough tables for everyone in the dining hall so we've been assigned a "6-top" on the outside patio. Honestly, it's kinda nice and you can't beat the view! What a handsome group, huh?

As for the food itself, trust me when I tell you that your cooking will be appreciated more than ever when we get home. Never have I seen such a big bunch of whiners and finicky eaters afraid to even TRY something new. Then again, they are grown men and I guess they can eat what they want! The kids are gobbling up as much as the kitchen can throw at them and loving it all. It ain't room service at the Hilton, but we're not going hungry. 


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